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Creation of a leachate composition and treatment database

A database collecting information from 18 different European landfills has been created in order to better evaluate the applicability of the new RELEACH technology in other landfills.


The main objective of the Life RELEACH project is to demonstrate that it is feasible to decrease the high environmental impact caused by current practices in old landfill leachate treatment, especially due to the concentrate management, by means of the implementation of a new methodology based on membrane processes to reduce the concentrate production.

During the project execution, it will be of high importance to ensure the validity of the results obtained all over Europe by carefully analyzing the variability of the compositions of different landfill leachates and evaluating the currently adopted  strategies adopted for their treatment.

In that sense, one preparatory action of the project has been devoted to create a database which collects information of different landfills all over Europe. The information collected, whenever available, has been: landfill characteristics (location, nature of waste, volume of leachate generated, etc), leachate treatment technology used and leachate composition.

Information about 18 landfills from Catalonia, Spain and Europe has been collected in the database created. During the project execution this database will be extended if data from other landfills is available.